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Campus Technology addresses topics and trends relevant to higher education IT and administrative decision makers who are experiencing disruptive challenges around BOYD, alternative instructional environments and data management.

Editorial Mission

Campus Technology enables educators to advance the implementation of technology at their institutions. Topics covered include: advanced networking, technology infrastructure, security, strategic IT planning, presentation technologies and digital content.
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Primary Job Function

  • Policy/Top-Level Institutional Exec/Mgmt 12.5%
  • Administration/Administrative Mgmt 25%
  • Information Technology Dir/Mgmt 31%
  • Instructional Program Mgmt/Dept 23%
  • Institutes/Research Programs/Assoc 2%
  • Campus Services/Vendor/Consult 2%
  • Other Allied to Field 5%

Level of Education

  • 4-year College/University 69%
  • 2-year College 17%
  • Vocational/Technical College 4%
  • Government Organization 4%
  • Other Allied to Field 6%


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